Sunday, September 6, 2009


The Stark County Political Report (SCPR/The Report) has learned with a Canton organization with the manpower and leadership to pull it off is mulling over whether or not to initiate a "Recall Mayor Healy" effort.

Right now "legal eagles" of the organization are looking over the state law on recalls (Canton is not a charter city) and making a determination of the format and timing of a recall effort.

The SCPR has long wondered when an organized effort would be considered.

Healy has made one goof after another after another after another in his administration of the city of Canton. Besides that, may think the mayor is "ethically challenged" despite his offering "ethics reform" legislation to Canton City County several months back and despite his sponsoring an "ethics for government officials" seminar for all Canton and Stark County officials.

The thinking must be that Healy's embracing of ethics is his political manipulative way to cover his own ethical lapses by focusing on those of others.

If a "recall" materializes, what is one to make of it?

The Report has mixed feelings about this possibility.

On the one hand, it will paralyze Canton city government and the "future of Canton" will be put on hold.

On the other, the Healy administration is embroiled in one imbroglio after another and not much is getting done anyway. So why not clear the deck and start anew.




Exactly what is that "future of Canton" that would be put on hold if he is recalled????

Let's make this perfectly clear ... he is NOT the future of Canton ..... he appears to be the death of Canton.

Richard said...

Jamie Healey assumed office and has never ceased gripping over the poor state of Canton, based on a previous administration. However his less than one year in office speaks for itself and if what he has done; may I should say, what he has not done to lift Canton up, over, and beyond his election campaign promises. This city can ill afford to sit idle another three years. Read the Canton Repository bulletin board on related matters. The vast majority of the postings are that Canton is not dying, it is already dead and it is not the fault of JWC, the fault llies squarely on the shoulders of William Healey