Thursday, September 24, 2009


You just gotta love Stark County commissioner Todd Bosley and the "political theater" he generates in Stark.

And it not just theater.

This guy has an agenda which includes things he really cares about:  fixing 9-1-1 and making sure Stark County has the financial resources to do the "unglamorous" things that government does like keeping the ditches of Stark County open and clean so that Stark Countians are repeatedly getting their properties flooded.  Of the three sitting commissioners, only Bosley has lifted a finger to get economic development going in the county.  Witness his Chevron/Biomass project.

Harmon and Ferguson (with his Department of Defense contacts - what a laugh) feign at doing economic development, but that's exactly what it is:  "feigning."  Neither would know economic development if the phenomenon hit them square in the face.

So Bosley is both entertaining and serious and, like most politicians, has a healthy dose of ego.  Many of the most try to get us to believe they have no ego.  Bosley is much more candid than the many. 

The theater on Wednesday grew out of the fact that Jackson trustee James Walters showed up at the regular commissioners' meeting.

Walters probably has never been at a commissioners' meeting before yesterday.  But, apparently, he is giving serious consideration (so he has told the SCPR) to running against Bosley.  So "bingo," let me go to a commissioners' meeting.

Well, he may have been ebullient going into the fanfare of attending the meeting, but after he had a little sit-down with Bosley after the meeting, perhaps reality has begun to set in.

In what appears to be just a smidgen "over the top," Bosley called Walters in for a little chit-chat on the talk (must have been a reference to the SCPR because no other Stark media has speculated on Walters running) that Walter was thinking about running against the commissioner.

Over the top?

Well, the SCPR wonders why Bosley is so preoccupied with who is going to run against him.  And to sit Walters down and suggest "you better think this one over, I am a campaigner the likes of which Stark County only rarely sees (the SCPR's words; not Bosley's).

Yours truly thinks Bosely is likely right.  Walters is no match for Bosley.  When he won as Jackson trustee, he was a huge beneficiary over former trustee Steve Meeks attempt to hand over his trustee position to his wife Patty.

Maybe no Stark Republican can defeat Bosley, but either Creighton or a rematch with Richard Regula stands a better chance than Walters.

It could be that the Stark Citizens for the Right to Vote Committee succeed in their repeal effort in November and keep things together for November, 2010 to specifically target Bosley.   That might be a scenario that a Creighton or Regula could unseat Bosley.

The SCPR does not see Walters as being a real threat to Bosley under any scenario.

But why would Bosley rub Walters' face in it?

Heavens only knows.

Back to the beginning.

You just gotta love Stark County commissioner Todd Bosley and the "political theater" he generates in Stark.

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