Monday, September 28, 2009



The graphic above is a "fictional" note from Canton City Council president Allen Schulman to his fellow Democrats on Council.

But from the looks of  Schulman's guest op-ed (With jobs at stake, even an increase in Canton income tax must be on the table) in The Repository (09/20/09), this is a topic that has been actively discussed in the "off-camera" contacts among Council members.  Of course, nobody will admit to such discussions, but it is apparent that the "tax increase option" has been "on-the-table."

The real question is not a mere "all options should be on the table" as Schulman presents the matter.

Rather, it is what would a tax increase do for Canton over the long term?

If the answer is nothing but maintain current jobs, then it should come off the table without further consideration.

If the answer is that it will generate capital needed to fund a grand plan for the economic rehab of Canton over the longer term, then discuss it Canton must.

The SCPR believes the Schulman "tax increase trial balloon" is of the former and not the latter.


Symbolism, mere symbolism.  That is what the essence of Schulman's opponent op-ed response (Council shouldn't ever consider a tax hike, but should cut its own pay and benefits, 09/27/09),

Symbolism can be important, if it indicates something deeper and transformative is underway.

But Denczak-Henderhan seems to be stuck on the "leading by example" rhetoric much like the needle on the old 45 and 78 records would sometimes get stuck on a track and play and play and play the same refrain of music over and over again.

Once the sharing in hard times has happened; then what?

Denczak-Herderhan talks of pride, but in what?

Pride in the symbolic but inconsequential beyond the shared experience?


The Schulman and Denczak-Henderhan Repository exchange should be disheartening to Cantonians.

This is the best that Cantonians can look forward to from the president of Canton City Council after November?

So far as the SCPR is concerned, it matters not which of these two are elected in November.

Canton is a dying city.

Her mayor is about manipulative as a public official gets. Council's de facto leadership (Smuckler) thinks the city can annex its way out of its severe financial/economic problems.  And basically all that Council and Healy can seem to do well is:  fight!

The Schulman/Denczak-Henderhan race hold no promise of a better day for Canton.

Just further proof that Canton is indeed a dying city.

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