Wednesday, September 16, 2009


One would think that for Canton mayor Janet Creighton would want to come to the rescue of the Hall of Fame city come 2011.  Of course, the way Mayor William J. Healy, II there may be no city left.  Canton could be a ghost town.  What would be left for her to govern?

The SCPR has learned that Janet Creighton is thinking about running for Stark County commissioner.  

The note in the graphic above makes it clear that such is not merely Bosley's imagination.  At one time or another Bosley seemingly has every live Stark County Republican politician who looks askance at him gearing up to run against him.

Yours truly is not saying that Creighton will run.  But the note is what people who run for political office term "political research."  Obviously, Creighton is digging to see if she can find skeletons in the Bosley closet.

What is not known is other digging Creighton is doing on Bosley to unearth nasties to turn on him in the general election slated for November, 2010.  Moreover, how much money can she raise?

If Creighton decides to run against Bosley, she will think the 2007 mayor's race was a "walk in the park."  William J. Healy, II is slick; Todd Bosley is "in your face."

The SCPR has said it many times in this blog:  Todd Bosley does not play nice.  The Stark Citizens for the Right to Vote Committee will find this out on the sales/use tax repeal effort as will Canton's former mayor, if she decides to run.

Creighton should sit and talk with Richard Regula by the hour, if she hasn't done so already.  Richard probably still doesn't know completely what hit him in the 2006 election when Bosley came out of nowhere to defeat him.  But he can piece the small parts of the political wreckage together to give Creighton a clue.

Bosley tells the SCPR that he is out campaigning already and that he handed out 10,000 notebooks at the Stark County Fair.  So while Bosley is out campaigning (appearing at high school football games and the like) Creigton is making public records requests?

Stark Republicans are smarting.  They are desperate to find someone who can win a countywide office.  Currently, they hold none except for several judgeships.

Other than get herself ready (research, raising money and out campaigning door-to-door/football game-to-football game now), Creighton will have to do one more thing if she is to have any chance at all against Bosley.  She will have to get Jeff Matthews (Stark GOP chairman) and Jason Wise (the Stark GOP's chief political operative) off their zany fascination with political tea-bagging.  

If Matthews and Wise are tea-bagging and campaigning for Creighton, the tea-bagging will be a distraction at best, perhaps even drag on a Creighton campaign.

The SCPR is wishing for a Bosley/Creighton campaign.  It promises to fill many, many blogs.  

Run, Janet, run!

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