Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Can you see it?

See what?

Strickland and Budish "high-fiving" and "gafawing" over the number they did on Ohioans in the budget negotiations back in July.

First, there was expansion of gambling in Ohio and Governor Strickland and Armond Budish (Democrat Speaker of the House) structuring it to deny Ohioans the right to vote on the issue.

Well, they (Strickland and Budish) lost that one when the Ohio Supreme Court ruled 6 to 1 that "LetOhioansVote" could go forward to contest, with a referendum initiative,  their "thwart the voters" plan.

By the way, Kirk Schuring (Republican/Jackson - 29th - Ohio Senate) and Todd Snitchler (Republican - 50th - Lake) tried to stop the gambling expansion.

Second, it came to light in The Repository yesterday (New fee just a way to drive down deficit) how Budish working hand-in-glove with the Strickland administration "snuck" in a late fee ($20) for those who are more than seven days late renewing their drivers' licenses and license plates.

Schuring and the Republicans in the Ohio Senate thought they had it out, but the guv and his speaker are sneaky-sneaky.

If the voters decide to stop expanded gambling in Ohio, it will put Strickland and Budish right in the middle of a state government fiscal nightmare.

Why's that?

Because they were depending on the expanded gambling to raise about $851.5 million for FY 2010-2011.

But they do have a Plan B?

It appears so.  If the expanded gambling is rejected, the rumor is that Strickland, Budish and their "expanded gambling supporters" in the Ohio General Assembly will be begging Ohioans to be late in their license purchases.

Yes, late.  For they desperately need some way to make up $851.5 million dollars even if at the rate of $20 at a time.

Indeed, Ohioans may well have the "last laugh" on "the best laid plans of  mice and men" gone awry by voting "no" on gambling expansion and paying for their licenses on time.

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