Monday, September 28, 2009


The SCPR has been urging Hartville Police Chief George Dragovich to retire.

As has been documented in area media a number of times, Dragovich has been involved in number of controversies in recent years involving his conduct.  The SCPR believes these controversies have not been  a positive phenomenon for Hartville's image and that that Dragovich, if he cares anything about a community that has been good to him for many years, will move on.

Anticipating Dragovich's departure, Hartville went out and got former Alliance chief Larry Dordea to come in to beef up the Hartville police effort.  Undoubtedly, in the back of the minds of Hartville's governors, he was brought in to one day replace Dragovich.

But there has been a rub.

What rub?

Dragovich has a good thing going for him and has resisted Tucker administration (Ed Tucker is mayor of Hartville) efforts to move him on.  Dragovich announced during the Green administration (former mayor Beverly Green whom Tucker defeated) that he was going to retire (supposedly, June, 2006).

Well, he didn't.

Now a source is telling the SCPR that Dragovich is going on vacation on October 5, 2009 and will be retiring sometime in December.

The SCPR was all set to do a blog disclosing the imminent "for certain" retirement of George Dragovich.

Hold on, Martin!

Another source called the SCPR today and vehemently challenged the notion that Dragovich was going to retire.  This source says Dragovich is telling two stories in the Hartville community.

First, he is telling Tucker et al  that he is going to retire.

Alternatively, he is telling his friends that hangout at Hartville's McDonalds over coffee that is not going to retire.

Moreover, the SCPR's (not retiring) source says that Dragovich has too much to gain by staying beyond January 1, 2010.

So which account is the truth of the matter?

Probably only the passage of time will tell the tale.

You can be sure that Tucker and his key supporters on Hartville Council will push and push hard to get Dragovich to retire.  The trick on the administration's part is to get Dragovich's retirement without being sued by Dragovich.

The SCPR's (Dragovich is not leaving) source says that Dragovich is telling some village residents that "sue Hartville" is exactly what he will do, if Hartville officials make his departure involuntary.

Stay tuned folks!

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