Sunday, April 13, 2008

DISCUSSION: Hey, Stark Democrats - want a "do-over" on this one?

Did Canton mayor William Healy, III see the Dann debacle coming?

I remember attending Healy's end of the year 2005 get acquainted party for Subodh Chandra who was preparing to run for Ohio attorney general.

Marc Dann with very little qualifying attorney credentials was making a lot of noise in the Ohio Legislature to get max publicity in his run for attorney general.

Chandra on the other hand is a quiet, measured, scholarly type with impressive attorney credentials. But he didn't play to the crowd like Dann did and still does.

Playing to crowd is one thing but now allegations galore are surfacing in the MSM accusing Dann with favoritism in appointing his Youngstown cronies (who have questionable qualifications) to serve the people of Ohio (including, of course, Stark Countians). Now there is this recent Columbus Dispatch report insinuating that there may be some sexual improprieties going on within the Dann "official family" entourage.

Well all I can say is that I was one of the 7,851 Stark County votes for Chandra. I believe Mayor Healy was too. I shan't forget to mention that Stark County Tim Swanson was a Betty Montgomery supporter in the general election. Now I wish I had been. I should have followed the Sheriff's lead and my hunch that Marc Dann was not worthy of my vote. Who do you think Healy voted in the general election: Dann or Montgomery?

Some of the Stark County MARC DANN campaign contributors over the course of the Dann 2006 campaign include:

Canton Law Director Joe Martuccio (political committee - $50),
Canton personal injury attorney and Canton City Council president
Alan Schulman ($10,000),
Christine Schulman ($10,000),
Canton attorney Richard Brian ($500) and
Attorney Steven Brian ($500),
Stark County Prosecutor's office civil attorney John Kurtzman ($100), Stark County Prosecutor John Ferrero ($100 and political committee $645),
Stark County Clerk of Courts Nancy Reinbold ($50),
Stark County Board of Elections member and local attorney Samuel Ferruccio,
Stark County Common Pleas Court Judge Richard Reinbold ($50), Massillon City Councilman Larry Slagle ($50),
Lee Plakas ($500 - attorney with Tzangos, Plakas et al),
James Manos ($500 - attorney with Tzangos, Plakas, et al),
Elizabeth Raies ($500 - attorney with Tzangos, Plakas et al),
James McHugh ($500 - attorney with Tzangos, Plakas et al),
Gary Corroto ($500 - attorney with Tzangos, Plakas et al),
id Dingwell ($500 - attorney with Tzangos, Plakas et al),
Denise Houston ($500 - attorney with Tzangos, Plakas, et al), and
Megan Frantz ($500 - attorney with Tzangos, Plakas et al).

Undoubtedly, the Republicans are already have plans well underway to defeat Marc Dann in 2010.

Question: is it already too late for Dann to redeem 2010? Can he repair the damage done in the 32 months remaining in his term? Will he be forced out early?

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