Friday, April 11, 2008

DISCUSSION: (Regarding Ohio House 50th) Will Stark County Organized Labor bolt the Democratic Party to support Republican Snitchler ?

A reliable source tells the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT that there is talk within Stark County organized labor that their consistent support for Democrat candidates in Stark County will not hold in the DeHoff (Democrat) and Snitchler (Republican) contest.

At least one Stark County union is considering inviting Republican Snitchler to present his case for the union's endorsement. Will this be the opening that Republicans have been hoping for in Stark County?

A few months ago the head of one of Stark County's trade unions relayed to the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT a contact he had with current Republican North Canton Council and council president Daryl Revoldt (also formerly of Republican Governor Taft's Office of Economic Development) in which Revoldt asked the unions to listen to Republican candidates more attentively.

Couple all of the foregoing with a general falling out that Stark County organized labor has had with Stark County Democratic party chair Johnnie A. Maier, Jr. over the past year.

Does this spell disaster for the personal political fortunes of Democrat Celeste DeHoff? Is this the race that will keep the Ohio House in Republican hands?

Maier is DeHoff's political patron. But the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT believes that "guilt by association" is not the only factor working against DeHoff getting organized labor support. For some time now DeHoff as a trustee of the Tuscarawas Township Board of Trustees has been involved in a legal controversy over the firing of union workers from the township workforce. Finally, area unions are well aware that DeHoff has been a registered Republican up until as least four years ago.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT believes that most Stark County unions will not support DeHoff. The best she can hope for is the unions sitting on their hands. Is that a realistic hope?

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