Thursday, April 24, 2008


Chiropractor Pete Ferguson's campaign priority is the Stark County Economy and more specifically - but not specific enough - job growth.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT challenges Ferguson to come out with a particularized plan. Everyone running for county commissioner (including Hagan - Ferguson's opponent) is for economic development.

Stark County voters' eyes should glaze over at the mention of this non-specific bromide on the mere reading of the words.

What's your specific economic development (living wage job growth) plan commissioner candidates - Pete? John? Tom? Travis?

Getting back to Ferguson, in particular. He has announced he's willing to take a pay cut from the $70,000 annual salary as a county commissioner for a county that is having financial problems (and Stark County is - witness the commissioners' recent cuts and county office layoffs.) If Ferguson gets elected STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT will be pushing him to prod Commissioners Bosley and Harmon (Harmon? - I presume Harmon - because the Republicans under former party chair Curt Braden put up a novice candidate) to enact the cuts.

And, if the good doctor is not successful, he ought to go on record that he will donate half his salary to some worthy Stark County charity.

Other Ferguson goals include Stark County coming up with better technology to deal with water drainage problems that county residents are experiencing (5,000 in 2007, according to Ferguson). He says that commissioners are only solving 10-12 problems a year. He also says the county needs more manpower to work on these problems.

Duh? Let's see. The county has recently made budget cuts. Sheriff Swanson, Auditor Perez, Recorder Campbell and others are laying off. Ferguson's remedy? Take a salary cut. Stark Countians will take it - but - it is a drop in the bucket. Is a salary cut going to provide monies for the manpower needs of the county? Get real!

One final thing about Ferguson. He wants to take the commissioners on a road show: that is, taking county government to the townships, cities and villages of Stark County.

There you have it - the Ferguson platform for Stark County. Are you impressed?

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