Monday, April 7, 2008

DISCUSSION POINT: Leading Lake Township Republicans supporting Democrat Celeste DeHoff?

Does this bode ill in the November election for Republican candidate in the Ohio House (50th District) Todd Snitchler.

And just who are these Republicans anyway who are supporting neo-Democrat DeHoff?

According to the Ohio Secretary of State website, Lake Township trustees Ellis Erb (a Republican) and Galen Stoll (also a Republican) made contributions to former Republican now turned Democrat Celeste DeHoff in a pre-primary fundraiser.

Does this mean that Erb, Stoll and Lake Township clerk Ben Sommers (also a Republican) are going to be out campaigning in Lake Township for DeHoff? Predominantly Republican Lake Township should be fertile ground for Snitchler who is a former president of the Lake Township Chamber of Commerce. But maybe not.

Will this be a tough call for Lake Township Republicans? Actual Republican Snitchler against a recent Republican (going back a mere four years at best) DeHoff, who to choose?

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