Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Recently, Stark County Commissioner Jane Vignos visited Alliance City Council and Massillon City Council to get a resolution of support for a county wide 911 dispatch center.

Massillon without much discussion endorsed the idea. Alliance, at the urging of former police chief Larry Dordea (who is running to be Stark County Sheriff) tabled the matter.

Not much happens on the football field between Massillon and Alliance these days but it used to be a major Stark County gridiron contest.

As the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT sees it, this difference between the western most Stark County city and the eastern most Stark County city is representative of the differences on this issue; hence, the Massillon/Alliance divide may well be the surface expression of deep divisions on this issue which exists in Stark.

Elsewhere on this blog, Dordea denies that he is against a county wide 911, but the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT believes he is the personification of the resistance to centralized 911 dispatch.

Last evening the Lake Township Trustees lined up behind Dordea and the Alliance City Council.

Stark Countians can expect more governmental posturing and positioning on this issue. The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT believes that EMS forces, local police chiefs and fire chiefs protecting their turf are behind this resistance.

Lake Township went through a similar episode with its EMS service a number of years ago. Lake formed a centralized organization (Lake EMS) to deal with emergency services for the township, however, local fire chiefs torpedoed the effort.

The bottom line. This is really a turf war. Agree or disagree?

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