Tuesday, April 22, 2008


On April 7th Stark County Commissioner Jane Vignos appeared at a Alliance City Council session asking the Council to give a "thumbs up" to supporting a centralized 911 dispatch over the 10 dispatch center configuration Stark County currently has.

Who stood front and center in opposition? Fellow Republican, and former Alliance police chief, Larry Dordea who is now running against incumbent Tim Swanson for county sheriff.

Recently, an area woman who had been in an auto accident, had to wait 20 minutes for dispatchers to figure out whose jurisdiction she was in before dispatching assistance even though she was less that one-half mile away from the nearest fire department.

So candidate Dordea, is your message that you favor fragmentation and turfism over efficiency? Is this what Stark County voters want in a county sheriff?

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Larry Dordea said...


There is no controversy here. I did not oppose either Jane Vignos (R) or Randy Gonzalez (D) or the idea of central dispatch at any time. The simple truth is I support the idea, I appreciate the nonpartisan efforts of both Randy and Jane, and I hold them both in high esteem. My only concern is that this system is brought to the highest standard possible for all of Stark County and that it is well supervised.

As for me being to provincial to be sheriff, you don't know me and you obviously have no idea of what I stand for. Stark County is growing less safe and the 911 system is only a part of the problem. As my campaign progresses you will see why the Stark County EPAC and others endorse me, and why you and your readers should vote for me too. I stand firmly on my leadership record.


Larry Dordea
Alliance Police Chief, Retired
Candidate for Stark County Sheriff
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