Friday, April 4, 2008

DISCUSSION POINT: Will Kirk Schuring ever produce on education?

The graphic on the left from the Kirk Schuring website gives a big clue on the state senator's campaign approach. The 16th District Congressional candidate (borrowing from George Bush) bills himself as a "reformer with results."

Slogneering is apparently what the Schuring campaign is to be all about. Republicans desperate to hold the 16th District have resorted to a favorite Karl Rove operation: running a name-branding strategy.

As many of us who live in the 16th District know, Kirk Schuring has spent 14 years in the Ohio Legislature accomplishing very little but appearing prodigiously in print in The Repository (mainly) as if The Repository was his public relations arm. In a one-to-one conversation Kirk shared with me that he understands that he is a favorite political figure of The Repository editors.

My point here is that you cannot trust The Repository editorial page to give a thorough going analysis on the 16th District race.

Stay tuned for the next Schuring slogan. Something like "Education Reform in Your Lifetime - I promise it." Candidate Schuring has a political life about the same as the famous DeRolph line of cases in which the Ohio Supreme Court held Ohio's way of funding public education is unconstitutional.

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