Friday, June 13, 2008


As of mid-June, Tom Harmon comes as close as you can get (except for the unopposed candidates) as you can come to as a "unbeatable candidate" in the November 4th elections.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) tabs Harmon as the most powerful politician in Stark County politics.

He rivals, (and, in the opinion of The Report trumps - when he needs to) Stark County Democratic Party chair Johnnie A. Maier, Jr. as a power center in Stark County Democratic Party politics.

Harmon schmoozes with and has the ear of power brokers in both Stark County political parties. He has the ear of the "captains of industry" and business and has a solid relationship with organized labor. He dominated all his races for Canton City Municipal Court over his years in that office. For the foregoing reasons, The Report tabs him as the "lion" in this race.

His opponent, Travis Secrest, is indeed the "sacrificial lamb" offered up by Stark Republicans. Secrest will learn a lot in this campaign an could develop in to a formidable Republican standard bearer in future elections. But not in 2008.

Secrest's issues as articulated on his website bespeaks of a thoughtful candidate:

Harmon's vision for himself was spelled out in a Repository report (June 14, 2007) on his selection as a replacement for a resigned Stark County commissioner as being:

Undoubtedly, Secrest sees that Harmon has not made sufficient progress on public safety, economic development and government efficiencies, and, he may be right.

Unfortunately, Secrest's campaign will not be heard by Stark County voters. He will, in the end, be the sacrificial lamb of this campaign season barring catastrophic events overtaking the Harmon campaign.

Agree or disagree?

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