Friday, June 20, 2008


Today the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) received a "press release' from the Travis Secrest campaign for county commissioner.

Unlike other media outlets, The Report will publish press releases.

The catch is that The Report will be dissecting the releases and pointing out glaring weaknesses. And, The Report will give the candidate an opportunity to respond to The Report's critique.

So let us start out with the Secrest press release:

Travis Secrest Releases Economic Plan for Stark County

CANTON TOWNSHIP, OHIO– Earlier today, Stark County Republican Nominee for County Commissioner, Travis Secrest released the first point of his campaign platform to help revitalize Stark County entitled, “Stimulating Stark County’s Economy and Protecting our Jobs.”

After releasing the first point of his platform, Secrest said the following:

“Stark County has the potential to be an economic stronghold for the state of Ohio. However, jobs are bleeding. College graduates do not want to stay in the area due to a lack of opportunity. Many peope have been laid off and are struggling to find a good job. These are issues which are important to the county and ones which I will be focusing on during this campaign. Quite simply, we are tired of ‘business as usual’ in Stark County.

As County Commissioner, I will protect the jobs that we already have while attracting new businesses and taking into consideration the new and expanding demands for these businesses. I want to make it easy for a small business owner or a corporation to start their business here in Stark. We can do that by cutting senseless regulation, cutting taxes and by creating economic and cultural districts which will provide a firm foundation for our new economy.”

The Report has been very tough on Democrat Pete Ferguson who is also running for county commissioner for saying during the primary that the Stark County commissioners need to do more tax cutting. Of course, he could not be specific. But The Report will keep after Ferguson to either come up with the specifics or admit that there is no more cutting to be done. This is called "accountability."

No we have Republican Travis Secrest doing the easy political thing making reckless a reckless statement, at least on the tax cutting thing.

The Report has contacted Secrest and asked him to provide specifics.

Question: Is Secrest blowing smoke, or, is there room for tax cutting by the Stark County commissioners?

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