Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Recent campaign finance reports show that Rick Campbell (Stark County recorder) has raised $35,000 plus to $1 for his opponent Republican Jeffrey K. Nickles, Jr.

Needless to say, on finances alone Nickles has an huge uphill climb. Nickles who lives in Massillon hasn't placed a bio on The Repository's Election 2008 website.

One has to wonder why a little known figure like Nickles wouldn't take every opportunity to get publicity for his campaign.

If the campaign money deficit wasn't enough, Campbell's superior administration of the recorder's office gives him another edge in the contest for this office.

Campbell has fully computerized the office making recorded documents available free to the general public over the Internet. Any Stark County property owner can get a copy of the property deed. Stark County veterans can get copies of the DD 214. This availability goes for any document recorded at with the recorder's office. Anyone filing a document for record can get the original immediately rather than weeks later as was the case with Campbell's predecessor - Republican Jane Vignos (now county commissioner).

Campbell is the son-in-law of former county commissioner Gayle Jackson. Campbell's wife, Lisa, used to work for Campbell but now is employed as the Plain Township chief administrator.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) counts Recorder Campbell as being part of the Johnnie A. Maier, Jr. wing of the Stark County Democratic Party.

Campbell's operation of his office is superior in terms of efficiencies but not flawless. Like all government offices, his is afflicted - probably to a lesser degree than most - with the bureaucratic mindset.

Several years ago The Report had a run-in with a customer service representative staffing the office. In this incident The Report was processing a routine document (as had been done for years, without difficulty) through the office, only to be compelled to run through unnecessary procedures.

At the end of the process when the run-around was obvious, The Report made a complaint with Campbell. To The Report's surprise, Campbell took great exception to the critique and got just a tad ugly about it.

Question: Why does a guy like Nickles run, if he is not going to put more into a campaign than what we have seen so far?

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