Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Pathetic is all the STARK COUNTY REPORT (The Report) can say about the DeHoff and Snitchler websites.

DeHoff discusses three issues, Snitchler doesn't even have an issues section on his website.

DeHoff had nothing but a promise of a website for months. Snitchler had a problem with the Ohio Ethics Commission on in primary election website (something about Snitchler implying that he was already the representative.

It looks like both candidates want voters to know as little as they can get by with about their position on the issues that concern Stark Countians.

DeHoff's website is laughable on several counts. One being that she wants to go to Columbus to work on the predatory lending issue. Truly amazing to The Report. (Is DeHoff in touch with what is going on in Columbus?) Last The Report has heard the Ohio General Assembly has already passed very strong legislation dealing with this issue. On another count - a "sleight of hand" move by DeHoff - is her referring having children in school. What she doesn't tell the voters (according to a Tuscarawas Township source of The Report) is that DeHoff's children do not attend school in the 50th District.

Snitchler's website is even sketchier than DeHoff's and has the audacity to suggest that Snitchler is going to forget he is a Republican if he gets to Columbus.

It looks as if the media will have to go into a "tooth pulling" mode in order to get a fix on these candidates. Many 50th District Democrats are upset with having DeHoff as the Democratic candidate because a mere four years ago she was a registered Republican.

One leading Democrat county officeholder told The Report that Democrats, despite their unhappiness, should support DeHoff because she more likely to support Governor Ted Strickland's legislative initiatives.

The question: Is the county officeholder right - loyalty to the governor is the test to select or should we be looking for other criteria as a basis for voting?

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