Sunday, June 1, 2008


About the only significant edge that Kirk Schuring has had over John Boccieri in their contest over who should represent the 16th Congressional District, is the fact the Schuring has been a life-long resident of the 16th.

Boccieri only moved in after his children finished their school year last month. His new locale is in the Mount Union, Alliance Community Hospital and Alliance Country Club section of The Carnation City.

Several weeks ago the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) discussed this issue with Boccieri. The state senator (as is Schuring) said he hoped that Schuring would continue to focus on the residence issue.

For his part, Boccieri said he would be focusing on the economy, the Iraq war and fixing health care.

The Report is close to tabbing Schuring as THE STEALTH CANDIDATE. An interesting trend is developing with the good senator. He's not talking.

Recently, Time Warner Cable did a feature presentation on the 16th District race but no one was there to represent Schuring. The show's host mentioned several times that the Schuring campaign was requested to send a representative but declined to do so. Perhaps, the Schuring people didn't think they could match up against Boccieri's representative, Stark County Democratic Party chair, Johnnie A. Maier, Jr.

Another Schuring snub is of "Project Vote Smart." This civic organization has asked each candidate to take a "Political Courage Test." Boccieri has, Schuring has not.

Schuring's campaign has given the Stark County News and Views ... a hard way to go to get a Schuring statement on the Iraq war and Schuring has blown off The Report twice now.

Yours truly remembers the day when Schuring sought out the ear of The Report. While The Report finds Schuring engaging, charming and a nice guy, this take on the senator in no way altered The Report's ability to scrutinize Schuring's legislative record.

Apparently, with Schuring - if he cannot finesse and charm away a critical look at his record - he has no time for you.

Schuring is getting bad advice from his handlers. Sooner or later he will be making public appearances in which he will have to field hard questions. And, The Report will be at the front of the line.

Question: Is a candidate for Congress wise to pick and choose his questioners?

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