Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has gone after Schuring - the 16th District congressional candidate for his ineffectiveness as a state legislator. That’s one thing. The attempt to paint Schuring as anti-Canton is absurd.

The Report’s take on the election is that it is Boccieri’s to lose. The latest Democratic engendered flap about Schuring’s “slam” on Canton is silly. Very few, if any, Stark Countians (including the complainers) really believe that Kirk Schuring was smearing Canton.

Canton Councilman Thomas West and the Ohio Democratic Party lead by Chris Redfern should examine Schuring’s very deficient legislative record and focus on that. Forget the silliness that turns the public off on politicians.

The Report takes Schuring at his word. There are indeed few votes for Republican Schuring in Canton. Canton has a Democratic mayor, 12 Democratic city councilpersons and well as other elected officials. There are a few elected Republicans (a couple of judges is all that comes to mind) in Canton.

Republican Schuring is apparently ceding Canton to Democrat Boccieri. Being the smart politician he is, The Report believes that Boccieri will be working hard to get all those Canton Democrats to the polls on November 4th. Let Schuring spend his time in Ashland, Wooster and Medina.

Schuring’s ill-conceived reference to Canton is a signal that he will not be seriously campaigning in Canton nor Massillon nor Alliance.

The real battle will be in the townships and small cities and villages of Stark County.

Question: Has the “silly season” started in the 16th District race?

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