Thursday, March 26, 2009


The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has learned that Stark Countian Thomas Marcelli showed up at yesterday's Stark County commissioners' meeting to challenge Commissioner Todd Bosley on his move, in January, to have his fellow commissioners join him in imposing a 1/2% sales/use tax.

The Report is being just a tad euphemistic is describing yesterday's encounter as a challenge. Apparently, word had gotten around that Bosley was describing Marcelli either as being a lunatic or ludicrous. Either of which were offensive to Marcelli. And Marcelli confronted Bosley.

From there, it was a short trip for Marcelli to suggest to Bosley that they could better settle the matter outside.

Has Marcelli forgotten that the name of the group he is a founding member of is called the Stark County Citizens Right to Vote Committee? (emphasis added)

The Marcelli-objected-to imposed tax was primarily designed to provide funding for the reconfiguration of the Stark County 9-1-1 Center into a true "state of the art" countywide emergency dispatch center. But the imposed does have money built in to help relieve a shortfall in county general revenue funds.

Bosley tells The Report that Marcelli turned up at a Bosley political fundraiser on March 14th with petitions to repeal the tax (being circulated by the Stark County Citizens Right to Vote Committee) in hand as Bosley supporters entered the entered the event.

The Report supports the Bosley-led sales/use tax effort, but does not have a problem with Stark Countians voting on the matter. However, yours truly probably wouldn't sign one of the group's petitions to at least put the matter on the ballot in view of the antics of group member Marcelli.

The Report believes that Attorney Craig T. Conley is the de facto if not the de jure leader of the Stark County Citizens Right to Vote Committee. Other members include Charles Snyder of Bethlehem Township (Marcelli's home area) and William Daugherty of Louisville.

The Report has lauded Daugherty for his work in resisting the huge 52% electric rate increase that American Electric Power has the Ohio Public Utilities Commission to approve last July.

On the sales/use tax matter, the question becomes: as the leader of the repeal effort, is Conley going to be able to control Marcelli?

For The Report is prone to think that if Conley can't, then the likelihood of success of even getting the 13,000 plus signatures to get the repeal on the November ballot may be in jeopardy.

Marcelli has other negative publicity he carries with him.

An example.

As reported in area media in October, 2008, Marcelli being behind on his real property taxes to the approximate tune of $7,000 challenged Stark County Auditor Kim Perez to "duel" over Perez's appraisal, to wit: (as reported by Kelli Young of the Rep)
A Bethlehem Township man challenged the county auditor to a duel Thursday, prolonging their yearlong feud over property values.
Thomas Marcelli of Beth Avenue SW made the challenge during the public speaks portion of a county commissioners meeting. Stark County Auditor Kim Perez does not attend the commissioners' meetings.

Commissioner Todd Bosley asked Marcelli, "Are you serious?"

Yes, Marcelli said, he is serious.

"What do you mean, guns?" Bosley asked.

"Whatever he wants. I prefer hand-to-hand, but I'll go either way," Marcelli said.
In the end, will the members of the Stark County Citizens Right to Vote group be asking themselves this question: With a friend like Thomas Marcelli, who needs any enemies?

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Anonymous said...

I personally would rather have Thomas Marcelli keeping track of my money then the stark county Auditor, treasurer, or commissioners.