Thursday, March 12, 2009


In honor of 5th District Court of Appeals Judge William B. Hoffman and Stark County Sheriff Tim Swanson, the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has created the STARK COUNTY PUBLIC OFFICIALS RETIREMENT HALL OF FAME.

It "fitting and proper" that a county which houses the Professional Football Hall of Fame should honor those public "servants?" who put their years in to qualify for public retirement benefits.

Hoffman and Swanson announced as required by Ohio law prior to seeking re-election that they would retire immediately before taking office (if re-elected) and then begin their new term of service.

We understand that what Hoffman and Swanson did is perfectly legal. The only question with some members of the general public is whether or not these folks qualify in the spirit of the phase should be perceived as "public service." So The Report will annually publish it hall of fame listing of those public officials who retire and then rehire either by standing for election or getting re-appointed to the old job after retiring.

A reliable source has told The Report Sanitary Engineer Mike Armogida has expressed a desire to be rehired by County Engineer Mike Rehfus once Armogida has retired.

To The Report, situations like Armogida are more problematic than those of Hoffman and Swanson. At least with Hoffman and Swanson the public knew what was happening and had a say as to whether or not such would be permitted.

With Armogida, the public has no vote. Moreover, the question comes to mind whether or not the savings and the efficiencies that are to be realized by the merger of the two county engineering functions will still be realized if Rehfus was to rehire Armogida after he retires?

In any event, if the Amogida retire/rehire takes place, then he will acquire the distinction of the first in 2009 to make the STARK PUBLIC OFFICIALS RETIREMENT HALL OF FAME!

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