Friday, March 20, 2009


In any crisis, financial or otherwise, we must seek solutions that are unique and innovative. Solutions that are achieved by thinking outside the box, so to speak.

I want to express my opinion about the controversial practice of rehiring.

This is the practice of hiring a retired employee back to perform a similar job as the one he/she retired from. I have to state that I am not opposed to rehiring employees, under certain conditions.

There are benefits to such a practice. With that said, the proverbial however is next. However, there should be some strict guidelines employed when rehiring.

Proposed Guidelines

  • NO benefits, no healthcare – this represents a substantial savings
  • Start at a wage that is well below the starting wage of a new employee or below the retiree’s position or industry standard wage. You get the benefit of experience and knowledge at a substantial cost savings. You could even cut the wage by 30% or more. This will weed out the greedy from the needy. Some professionals would do this to remain active in an occupation that they love. Tap into that sense of duty and service to the community.
  • Experienced trained ersons need no initial, basic training. They arrive already trained. You would not have to send an individual to a Police Academy or other training. more savings to the municipal, county or state governmental body.· The practice of rehiring at lower wages and no benefits opens funds for the hiring of full time Officers and Deputies.
  • Experienced retirees are intimately aware of the dynamics that exist within and without their respective law enforcement organizations.

Consider what I am proposing being instituted at the local municipal or township Police Departments or Sheriff’s Office level.

I am not advocating replacing Police Officers or Deputy Sheriffs on the street with retirees or disabled Police Officers. What I am proposing is that those individuals that have become disabled in the line of duty or are retired be utilized to supplement the sworn members of the law enforcement agency.

By replacing sworn Officers at positions that are inside jobs such as report desk or crime scene technician, this would permit more Officers/Deputies to be placed on the street or in other units such as gang task force, patrol division or the detective bureau.

The Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association, FOP and CPPA may not agree with my proposal, that is fine. They all should agree as to what is best for their memberships.

Is it in the best interest of their members to face financial crisis resulting in possible layoffs or permanent reduction in workforce numbers?

Is it best to consider all alternatives when dealing with our financial woes?

Consideration does not automatically mean agreement or implementation. Consideration means just that, consideration.

This practice of rehiring is already in place in a limited capacity. (Common Pleas Court Bailiffs)

Stark county must save money whenever and wherever it can. When money is saved and services remain static or improve then all Stark county residents win. Savings can be achieved without sacrificing public safety and service.

Thank you.

A concerned Stark County resident.

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