Friday, March 20, 2009


The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has learned some interesting this about TeamHealy Committee contributor Tony Dane of Las Vegas just 5 and 6 days, respectively, before Cantonians went to the polls in the Healy/Creighton mayoralty contest.

Dane is reported in Las Vegas media has being:
  • an activist and political consultant (Dane & Associates)
  • an auto-dialer
  • a boxing promoter
  • sn snti-gay political activist
  • a staff member of the Duncan Hunter ( a very conservative Republican) for President
This is an odd pairing, no? Healy and Dane.

An arch conservative, anti-gay Republican contributes to the Democrat Willaim J. Healy, II campaign. Strange indeed when you know, as The Report does, that one of Healy's most ardent local supporters is a front and center gay person.

The Report wonders if Dane knew that?

Now for some tidbits from the Las Vegas media and from Wikipedia:
  1. In 2002, longtime Republican opponent Tony Dane (who [incumbent David] Parks [the first openly gay member of the Nevada legislature] defeated in 1996 and 1998) convinced a man also called David Parks to run against him for the Democratic nomination in the 41st Assembly district. Challenger Parks' name was removed from the ballot when it became apparent that he was not a resident of Clark County, nor indeed of Nevada. Incumbent Parks won the general election. (source: Wikipedia)
  2. ... As for Tony Dane: this man is a complete and total idiot. And he never does anything without a hidden agenda. ...

    ... Every political issue or campaign he's gotten his claws on has been doomed to fail. He knows nothing about politics. Any candidate who gets involved with him should know it's the kiss of death for their campaign.

    Dane is a snake in the grass. It will be interesting to discover just what his hidden agenda here really is. After all, you know he has one. (source: Vegas PUNDIT)

  3. But eventually it will have the exact same success as the recall of Gov. Kenny Guinn a few years ago by that right-wing kook Tony Dane. (source: Muth's Truth)
The Report has tried to get answers from the TeamHealy campaign about connections between Healy and these out-of-town contributors. Why are they contribution to a Canton mayoralty race? But they aren't talking.

As we all know, Healy himself likes to muzzle people who works for his administration. Apparently, he has told his campaign finance people that "mum is the word."

Is this a guy who be mayor of Stark County's largest city?

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