Thursday, March 26, 2009


The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has embarked on a"tracking our legislators" series.

The first track was of Congressman John Boccieri (16th - which includes Stark County) who issued the perfunctory press release highlighting the fact that the good congressman had introduced his first bill in Congress since taking the oath of office.

The bill: HB 545. This is a bill to provide for a research and development tax credit for predominantly domestic companies. CLICK HERE to see the initial SCPR story.

On March 23rd The Report asked Congressman Boccieri about what this bill will do for the 16th congressional district (focusing on Stark County.)

So far, no response! Only a promise of a response. How long to you suppose this will take? Perhaps, The Report should have asked to be a part of Boccieri's 2,200 person conference call. How many of these folks got the questions answered?

But it does make for good PR. The Report is beginning to suspect that "looking good" might be Boccieri's major asset.

Today, the SCPR turns attention to Canton legislator Stephen Slesnick.

In perusing the Ohio House webite, The Report zeroed in on bill on which Slesnick is a sponsor: HB 3.

Readers need to know that Democrat Slesnick is not a "primary" sponsor of any legislation. A surprising find to The Report because he has been in office for over a year now (having succeeded William J. Healy, II) when he was elected Mayor of Canton).

In contrast, his Republican colleague from the 50th (which is basically a horseshoe shape on the outer fringes of Stark County) Todd Snitchler (who just took office in January, 2009) has already introduced legislation as a primary sponsor.

Getting back to Slesnick and HB 3.

HB 3 is popularly known as The Home Foreclosure Prevention Act.

Here is a graphic which shows Slesnick as a sponsor:

Undoubtedly, the co-sponsored bill is one that engenders a lot of sympathy for those Ohioans that this legislation will help.

But there is a problem.

This bill is not likely to become law, even if it gets passed, because it has serious constitutional problems. CLICK HERE to get a version of those problems.

We are working on three (3) days now that the SCPR has not heard "boo" from Representative Slesnick.

Maybe he can tell The Report and his constituents why he believes that his co-sponsorship is consistent with his taking the oath of office (pictured above).

But will he?

Slesnick has every appearance of so many elected public officials. They only deal with "softball" questions.

In The Report's book these folks are not entitled to ignore the "hard questions." They are, whether or not they want to own up, accountable to all of us.

The Report will dog Slesnick until he gives a response.

He can give his response in the comfort of his office by sending a return e-mail or he can face The Report in a public venue some time down the road.

Which is it going to be Representative Slesnick?

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Marley Greiner said...

I know I dwell on this, but I think Slesnik is horrible. Last year I attended several hearings of the House Health Committee. He'd show up just in time or for rollcall and leave each time immediately afterwards.

Scott Oehslager is also on that committee. He always arrived in a timely manner, sat through all the mind-numbing testimony, had a penchant for thoughtful questions, and didn't walk out as soon as his name was called.

I realize these hearings are a bore, especially when you don't give a hoot what witnseses have to say, but come on, Steve You were elected to sit through boring meetings.

If had the time, I'd show up at all committee hearings at which he sits and see if he's running off this year.