Friday, July 11, 2008


A Stark County lawyer who has been a leading Democrat in local politics, has complained to the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) of Stark County Democratic Party chair Johnnie A. Maier, Jr's inability to hold party ranks in local political races.

As an example, The Report's source faxed a copy of Judge Dixie Park's fundraiser letter promoting her November 28, 2007 "2008 Campaign Kick-Off" at Skyland Pines. Sure enough, in plain view, The Report spotted an number of high-profile Democrats attesting their support for this Republican Candidate.

We all remember, although The Report does not buy his given reason - "to inject competition into the race" - Republican David Stucki (Republican Domestic Relations judge) ran against Judge Park in the March 4th Republican primary.

But getting back to the disaffected Democrat. The Report's source was astonished at the appearance of two especially prominent Democrat names on the Park list: Canton City Council President Allen Schulman and Board of Elections member Samuel Ferruccio, Jr.

Remember, this is the same Sam Ferruccio that Chairman Maier insisted on appointing to prevent Republican chicanery at the polls. And, Allen Schulman? The Report has observed him many times whipping up everyday Democrats to support Democrat candidates just because they were Democrats. Apparently, he has a different standard for himself. It must be embarrassing to Mayor Healy (Canton Democrat mayor) when Schulman "oohed and ahed" over former Republican Janet Creighton when she returned to Canton recently on break from her Bush administration job.

The Report believes the the party chairman himself is suspect as to exactly how deep his partisanship runs. He has a solid track record of getting former Republicans to run as Democrats and he has a rocky relationship with the most solidly Democrat group around - organized labor. Besides that he bills himself as a conservative Democrat which The Report thinks translates into support for a Republican perspective on some issues.

But this may all be for the political good of Stark County. Perhaps leading Republicans will emboldened to reciprocate by letting their names be used in support of Democrats running this fall.

The question: With leading partisans supporting their counter partisans as in the Park situation, are we that far away from choosing candidates on their merit?

Or, is this a matter of what's good for the goose - is not - good for the gander?

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