Monday, July 7, 2008


Not long ago the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) made a call in the Boccieri/Schuring race (16th Congressional District).

The Report tabbed the race at least 52% to 48% - Boccieri, and, perhaps as high as 55% to 45%. Maybe this latter number was too generous to Schuring.

Most readers probably think it is way too early to make a call. But is it? The Report will have "egg-in-the-face," if Schuring pulls this out. In the face of this risk, The Report stands by its early call in this race.

In the blog world, there is a lot of discussion about "disarray" in the Schuring campaign. The Report along with large list of media types are being "deep-sixed" by the Schuring campaign.

At the recent Boccieri event at the Sunoco station in Canton, media types (including Main Street media personages) discussed among themselves the lack of accessibility of the Schuring campaign.

The Report believes that Schuring has lost control of his campaign. To whom? Most likely the Republican National Congressional Campaign Committee (RNCCC). Was it the RNCCC's idea to send Schuring surrogates to the Sunoco station? Why not Schuring himself? That would have spiced up the event.

The question: Why is Schuring being kept under wraps? Are the Republicans raising the white flag? Is this race over for all intents and purposes?

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