Thursday, July 24, 2008


The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has learned that a Canton Repository reporter has dragged the Boccieri family into the Boccieri/Schuring race for Congress.

According to a source close to the Boccieri campaign, The Rep reporter appeared out of thin air in the Boccieri neighborhood and quizzed the family about their residency in the city.

The Report understands that The Rep is in the business of gathering information to report to its readers. But does this include pumping the family for information?

The Report in a sit down with Kirk Schuring over a year ago talked to him about his relationship with The Rep. From his perspective, as far as favorable treatment is concerned; he admitted that The Repository has been very favorable to him over his years as a local politician.

Favoring Schuring is one thing, but seemingly becoming an investigative arm of the Schuring campaign is quite another.

This episode has smackings of "tabloid journalism" to it.

Question: Do the "powers that be" at The Rep owe John Boccieri an apology?

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Anonymous said...

I don't think The Rep owes Boccieri an apology at all. He owes Stark County an apology for not being a registered voter, or even a citizen long enough to understand what it is that Stark County has gone through. Sure he may have a record of being a good Soldier, but does that mean that he will be a good representative of the people? I think that the Democratic Party of Stark County needs to stop supporting these politicians who are only in it for the fame and glory of the political lifestyle, and focus on what is in it for the people of Stark County!! I also think that if Boccieri or anyone is worried about The Rep not showing political favor to a Democratic Politician, then I am not sure what Rep they are reading. The Democrats or the ones that support them need to stop living in a world that doesn't exist! The Democratic Congress has an approval rating of less then 30% and they think they are going to change the world? They have the power to over ride the Presidents veto, but all they are doing is yelling and pointing fingers, just like they do, but what change will take place if a Democratic President is in control? The Glory of being there? That isn't enough!!! I am tired of these individuals sitting around and living in a luxury lifestyle on the tax payers dollars! Step up and support the Republican Party! Make The Rep see them as well!!