Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The Alliance Review (this morning) reports that Louisville City Council has taken action that is hugely important to Stark County.

Council voted unanimously to seek location of Stark County Commissioner Todd Bosley's proposed Stark County recycling center in Louisville.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has previously lauded Bosley for coming up with the idea of the recycling center.

A recycling center is important for a number of reasons for Stark Countians. First, in these tight economic times, the County could save up to $1.3 million on its yard refuse recycling program from its budget and have the Stark-Tusc-Wayne Solid Waste District (with money to burn) pick up the set up costs. Moreover, Commissioner Bosley tells The Report that Stark County could actually add revenues to its budget by initiating a mulching operation which will generate a saleable product on which Stark County can turn a profit. Third, recycling is the "green" thing to do. Taking care Stark County's environment is a top priority.

A lot of squabbling goes on among governmental units in Stark County which hampers the county in moving forward in economical development. But Louisville City Council gets a STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT "Tip of the Hat" for proactively being a positive force working intergovernmetally for the benefit of Louisville residents with spin off positives for all of Stark County.

A "Tip of the Hat" to Commissioner Bosley. As The Report sees it, Bosley is one of the few Stark County government officials with a "can-do," "will-do" attitude that has the potential to be good news for Stark County economic development.

Question: Is this move by Louisville in response to the Bosley initiative, a harbinger of a reversal of economic fortunes for Stark County?

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