Thursday, July 10, 2008


The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has received a press release from the Boccieri camp making certain charges on his 16th District Congressional opponent Kirk Schuring.

In his release Boccieri says:
Schuring voted for Governor Taft’s transportation bill, which imposed $580 million in new taxes on Ohio families. Because of him, families in our state will pay more than a quarter of a billion dollars in extra gas taxes (emphasis added) this year alone.
Kirk Schuring seems to be the "incognito" candidate. He sent "proxies" to bug Boccieri when Boccieri had an event at the Sunoco station on West Tusc in Canton at the end of June.

Now the Boccieri campaign complains that Schuring is using a 527 organization to, in effect, "swiftboat" Boccieri but not on military service. Rather on the gasoline tax increase issue.

The exact quote from Boccieri:
You may have heard of “Freedom’s Watch” – they’re a group of former Bush administration officials who plan to spend billions of dollars in 2008 to send more George W. Bush-style Republicans to Washington.

They’re also confused. They’ve just started sending phone messages to local voters attacking me for the Ohio state gas tax that my opponent, Kirk Schuring, voted to increase in 2003. I voted against it.

Question: Who did and did not vote to raise taxes? Boccieri says "Not I." When will we hear from Kirk Schuring direct?

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