Monday, July 28, 2008


Last week the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) interviewed Mayor Francis H. Cicchinelli, Jr and will, over ensuing weeks be bringing snippets of video with commentary to The Report's readers.

The Report came away from the interview wondering whether or not Cicchinelli will be endorsing 16th district congressional candidate John Boccieri in the general election.

What's that? A hue and a cry goes up from the Boccieri camp. To The Report: "Haven't you checked the Boccieri website and seen that Mayor Cicchinelli is listed as a Boccieri endorser?"

Indeed. But wasn't that from the primary race? Remember? - Boccieri versus Cirelli?

Check out the endorsement list: "Akron Beacon Journal?" The Report is sure that the Akron Beacon Journal has not made an endorsement in the general election. Such may be the case for Cicchinell.

From the tone of The Report's interview with the mayor as to the part that touched on the Boccieri/Schuring race, The Report did not come away with a clear understanding that Cicchinelli had endorsed Boccieri in the general election.

Cicchinelli is set to meet with Boccieri (this week, as The Report recalls). And, if Cicchinelli has not made a endorsement in the general election; expect a confirming announcement soon.

It is hard to imagine that being the self-described staunch Democrat he is, the mayor would not be endorsing Boccieri in the general election.

As The Report has published before, a considerable number of Stark County Democrat elected officials have - in a low profile sort of way - supported Boccieri's opponent Kirk Schuring in his previous state senate/house races.

Question: Does John Boccieri still have to convince the mayor of Massillon to endorse him in the general election?

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