Thursday, July 31, 2008


Of the three non-incumbent candidates for a seat on the Stark County Board of County Commissioners, only Dr. Pete Ferguson has attended any board meetings since being nominated as their respective party's nominee in the March, 2008 primary.

His attendance has not been great, but the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has learned, from an impeccable source inside the commissioners' office, that Ferguson has attended several meeting since March.

John Hagan, his opponent? None! Anyone who knows John Hagan surprised? The Report certainly is not.

Were Hagan to be elected, The Report can see a scenario in which he would be wearing an electronic earpiece at board meetings connected off site to former Commissioner Jane Vignos or Stark County Republican Party chair Jeff Matthews.

Hagan as state representative (50th) has demonstrated his inability to contribute fresh ideas, programs and policies for Ohio. His achievements (few, indeed) has been as the "poster child" for a Governor Bob Taft initiative (prescription drugs) or as a "gofer" for House Speakers Householder and Husted (vis-a-vis Ohio's public utilities).

Feguson is far from "perfect attendance." The Report would not want to hear that he is too busy with his chiropractor practice. For, if he were elected, he would have to find space for meetings as well as many other time consuming public activities that a county commissioner has to engage in.

On Travis Secrest (Tom Harmon's opponent for the other commissioner seat). The Report has learned some time ago that he suffered an injury which limits his mobility. For the time being, Secrest is excused from The Report's scrutiny on this issue. But when he sufficiently recovers, he should be hotfooting it down to each and every commissioners' meeting.

One other thing that both Hagan and Ferguson better get used to, is answering questions from The Report. Because there will be plenty of them at public meetings

Readers will recall that Ferguson called to complain to The Report about one of our pieces, then when The Report (after hearing him out) started asking questions, Ferguson ducked out, promising to call back.

The Report is still waiting for Ferguson's phone call.

Question: Should county commissioner candidate Dr. Pete Ferguson be held to his promises, prior to be elected county commissioner? If he doesn't call back, is it fair to question him being "a man of his word?"

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