Thursday, July 31, 2008


Recently, Republican candidate for the Ohio House (50th) Todd Snitchler appeared before the Uniontown Business Association (UBA) with a presentation on his Lake Development Corporation.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) was there, camera in-hand (very openly) to record the presentation, a snippet of which has appeared in a previous report.

Apparently, the Snitchler campaign has complained to the UBA (either directly or through intermediaries) about the recording of Snitchler's comments. The Report received an e-mail from the president of UBA protesting that Snitchler's appearance wasn't a political event?

Give us a break, candidate Snitchler!

This meeting is open to the general public. Undoubtedly, many if not all attendees at this event knew that Snitchler is the Republican candidate for the Ohio House 50th (which includes Uniontown). In fact, Snitchler has appeared at the Lake Rotary and the Uniontown Lions Club with the same spiel.

Does anyone believe these were non-political?

The Report has been around the block a time or two. This was, as were the other two, a political appearance. Snitchler may be trying to appear as "Mr. Non-partisan," but nevertheless this sudden onset of appearances within the 50th on the Lake Development Corporation is not co-incidental with his campaign.

Another interesting fact about Snitchler is that he is one of the candidates that refuses to talk with The Report; ignoring several requests. Isn't some kind of arrogance when a candidate for public office thinks he can refuse the "hard questions?"

The Report thinks Snitchler was embarrassed that The Report pointed out that he did not even get a mention of being a candidate for the Ohio House. The Report has a pretty good idea that Stark County Republican chair Jeff Matthews nor Ohio Republican deputy chair Kevin DeWine will not like hearing that Snitchler is out there in one of the most crucial campaigns in Ohio (in determining who controls the Ohio House) making "non-partisan" - "civic" appearances.

The Report puts Snitchler and all candidates for public office in Stark County that you will be found out-in-public and you will have to answer the "hard questions."

Complain, complain, complain all you want. But the public is entitled to know your specific answers on specific issues - and - The Report will be out there in the public arena getting answers for The Report's readers!

Question: Is this guy Snitchler politically naive enough to think he can control inquiry at "open-to-the-public" venues? Is Snitchler trying to campaign in a "protective" bubble?

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