Monday, October 27, 2008


The Alliance Review ran a well-documented story today on the fundraising efforts of the Boccieri and Schuring campaigns.

The Review's piece reeks with data supporting the Schuring campaign's contention that John Boccieri is "Youngstown John" or "Outsider John" out to buy the 16th District congressional seat with money largely coming from outside the district.

With Obama being in town today, October 27th, and threatening to make a landslide election out of the presidential contest, the question is for the Boccieri campaign, will he pull through on Obama's coattails?

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) believes that the only Schuring hope is that 16th District voters focus predominantly on the "he's not one of us" theme of the Schuring effort and retain this seat for the Republicans in the new Congress.

In other times, the Schuring strategy would very likely be a clear winner. In 2008 though, maybe not. Why?

Schuring is tarred, in being a Republican officeholder for all of the eight years of the Bush administration, with an association to the Bush administration policies. Every time George Bush has come to town, Schuring has been there front and center to greet him. If John McCain supported Bush 92% of the time, for Schuring it has to be somewhere near 100%.

What about you? Do you agree that the major thrust of the Schuring campaign is that Boccieri "is not one of us?" Will it work?

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