Monday, October 6, 2008


Perry Township resident and mainstay writer in The Rep (letters to the editor and comments [online]) Mary Parker (also a staunch Barack Obama supporter) is shown in the accompanying video endorsing Larry Dordea for Stark County sheriff.

The posting of this video should stop Larry Dordea's whining about the fairness of the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report). It's predictable that one who whines does so because he can't handle anything but home-cooking. Perhaps, if Dordea does get elected he will mature politically and realize that the broader the area of responsibility, the more likely one will get criticized.

Look at Sarah Palin. As governor of Alaska she was getting 80%+ approval ratings. For her, those were the "good old days." National politics is something else.

Likewise, running a small city police department is not like runing a countywide police unit.

If The Report was a shill for the Swanson campaign, this video would not see the light of day.

In this race, The Report puts material out there for voters to reflect on as the basis for whom they will vote.

The Report has heard a number of positive descriptions of Dordea in how he ran the Alliance Police Department. Even Sheriff Swanson had nothing negative to say about Dordea. And Dordea did have a good thing or two to say about the sheriff when The Report talked to him at the Stark County Fair.

The Report's major criticism of Dordea is that he doesn't handle incisive questioning well. On his website he takes some "glittering generality" shots at Swanson and the The Report has issued a call for specifics.

At the fair, Dodea promised to arrange a sit down with The Report to supply those specifics. Well, here it is October 6th and The Report hasn't heard a thing from Dordea on his promise.

So that raises another question. Is Larry Dordea a man of his word or not?


Anonymous said...

Dordea does not have the experience or the knowledge to even begin to be a Sheriff. He supervised a very small department. He has no idea how to run a jail, civil division or a patrol of the size of the Sheriff's Office. He has attempted to run a smear campaign on the Sheriff which has back fired on him every time. I am amazed that he thinks that he can waltz into the Sheriff's Office and run it. Babe Stern had to run to get rid of an individual who was similar to Dordea. God help us.

mary said...

So what about Palin, from governing Alaska to the White House, that seems like a bigger leap than Dordea going from Chief in Alliance to Sheriff of Stark County. What about Reagan and Clinton? Palin could very well be your next President. You okay with that?

Anonymous said...

Well let's hope that McCain does not win so we don't have to think about that.

Erica Simonsen said...

Mr/Mrs Anonymous-

You do realize that Swanson did get his start small too, right? He didn't start out as Sheriff. And Larry changed Alliance on a very small budget and eliminated a lot of the drug crime in that city. How can you say he has no idea how to run a jail pr patrol Stark County? It seems to me that you haven't taken the time to actually look into Larry Dordea's qualifications and experience.

mary said...

good point

Anonymous said...

I for one am very tired of hearing that Larry the one man cruisader cleaned up Alliance. The only person throwing out these statistics is Larry.

To find the truth one must look at the Bureau of Justice Assistance to learn the true facts. CRIME HAS INCREASED OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS UNDER DORDEA'S ADMINISTRATION !!

Mr. Martin is right when he says that Larry hides behind his self serving website. Let someone who is in the know ask Larry the tough questions in regards to crime rates and his record.

Dordea's sucess has been measured against the Black Administration, which we all know what was going on then. In my opinion anyone would look like a star who served as Chief after Black. By the way, what was ranking officer Dordea doing when Black was the Chief? What did he do under that Administration to hold people accountable?

I will stick with the proven leader and vote for Sheriff Swanson. I know that he is honest and willing to answer the tough questions and stand up for what he thinks is right for the office and his people.

Erica Simonsen said...

"Mr. Martin is right when he says that Larry hides behind his self serving website"

Wow.. and this is coming from someone who has to hide behind the screen name moniker of "anonymous"

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ms. Simonsen for the mistake. I will correct that and say it correct. Mr. Martin Olson.

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