Monday, October 13, 2008


Maybe someone ought to tell Stark County Democratic Party Chairman Johnnie A. Maier, Jr. that $125 is not exactly peanuts to all those "little guys" struggling to: make mortgage payments/rent payments, pay increasing increasing utility bills, et cetera.

How many "little guys" will actually attend this event for candidates who are not wanting for campaign funds?

More likely on the attending list is local personal injury attorney Allen Schulman and his well-heeled friends.

Let's see.

Frank Forchione is running for Common Pleas Court and has tons of money (as of the last campaign finance reports) over his Republican opponent Jean Madden (who, interesting enough, is a Public Defender - she actually represents "little guys and gals").

Taryn Heath also running for Common Pleas Court is running unopposed.

William Hoffman (candidate for the 5th District Court of Appeals) is running so that he can retire (retire/rehire) and then pick up again with a full salary. This has to be another race where Hoffman as loads more money than his opponent to use in the campaign But the STARK COUNTY REPORT has not actually checked the campaign finance reports on this race.

Can you believe this event? The party of the "little guy." Who does Maier think he is kidding?

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