Monday, October 20, 2008


Congratulations to The Repository for doing excellent editorial work (10/14/2008) on Dordea v. Swanson county sheriff race, buttressed by an outstanding follow-up by reporter Kelli Young (10/19/2008).

And congratulations to candidate Larry Dordea for coming up with a "positive" idea or two or three for dealing with the financial problems at the Stark County sheriff's department.

For much of the campaign Dordea has lashed out at Sheriff Swanson (his opponent) in vague terms unsupported by specifics. Maybe, just maybe, that is changing. And change it must, if Dordea is to unseat Swanson.

So what about Dordea's ideas?

First, "making cuts sooner than later." Who can quarrel with this point? With Stark County experiencing severe financial woes, not only Swanson, all county office holders ought to have their budgets under constant review (the heart and soul of Dordea's point) and make efficiency changes without having to be forced do so.

Second, "getting rid of one chief deputy." In these dire economic times this recommendation makes sense. These are truly times when county office holders have to "do more with less." Remaining sheriff department employees will simply have to step up and take on the duties of the eliminated position.

Third, "getting rid of the part-time attorney." Yes, Prosecutor's Ferrero's office should be used to provide legal assistance to the sheriff's department. And, to meet Swanson's objection of delayed response, Ferrero needs to implement an "expedited" means to meet the time needs of Swanson and his department.

As an aside, the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) takes issue with how the prosecutor's office handles the legal work of local government entities. The Report has heard local government unit after local government unit justify hiring its own legal counsel because it takes forever to get anything out of the Stark County prosecutor's office.

Unacceptable! Unfortunately for Stark Countians, Stark County Republican Party chairman Jeff Matthews couldn't find anyone to run against Ferrero. A missed opportunity to raise the "failure to provide timely representation to local government units" issue. A sarcastic "thank you" to Jeff Matthews for failing Stark Countians.

The question: Has sheriff candidate Dordea gotten his campaign headed in the right direction? If so, is he "a day late, and a dollar short?"


Anonymous said...

What Larry Dordea (aka "The Wise One") didn't say is that he plans to bring in his own Chief Deputy and others who know nothing about running a county sheriff's office. Sheriff Swanson has done an outstanding job running the Sheriff's Office and providing excellent law enforcement services to the citizens of Stark County. Vote Swanson on November 4!

Anonymous said...

The "wise one" doesn't have a clue. He has an ego the size of an elephant. Of course he thinks he is smarter than anyone who works for Sheriff Swanson. Dordea says he will try to save money by cutting wages. It should be known that some of his officers made over $100,000.00 in 2007 when he was the Chief. One Lieutenant made about $107.000. The "wise one" speaks with forked tongue. If one wishes to check these figures contact the Alliance City Auditor's Office.

Erica Simonsen said...

Once again, a mis-informed voter:

From his website

"2. Is it true that the controversial retired canton police officer (name intentionally removed) is going to be your chief deputy or agent in charge of stark metro narcotics unit?

My answer:

No, and I have heard this rumor also. No one has been promised a job including the man you refer to. He told me that he supports my campaign and he wore a DordeaforSheriff t-shirt as he walked with 25 other volunteers in one parade, no more. I do not know where this rumor began but let me end it here. He and I are merely acquainted just as I am with many current and former officers, that is all.

Two current Stark County police chiefs have asked if I would consider them for the position of chief deputy if I am elected. I told them both, “I am impressed that you would even consider the possibility and that we could talk about that if and when the time comes.” No one has asked me for consideration for the position of Stark County Metropolitan Narcotics Unit supervisor.

Let me be real clear here. I am very optimistic about my chances for being elected sheriff, but this is politics, and some would say or do just about anything to see that it does not happen. I have great plans for the future of the Stark County Sheriff’s Office and I will be extremely selective when it comes to the management team. You have my word that I will seek highly qualified, competent people with vast experience and good judgment. They may come from inside or outside the agency, but they will be people of integrity who have a proven track record."

Jeesh, research people. It isn't that difficult.

Anonymous said...

Because Larry writes something on his website we are suppose to believe him? How stupid do you think we are? For a man who post the Hope Steffey story all over his website and then tells the Canton Rep. that he doesn't know enough about the story to comment on it, it would seem that he talks out of both sides of his mouth, how can we trust anything the "wise one" says?

Anonymous said...

I think we should be more concerned that this is only posted here now. Ever since Dordea has been speaking about his candidacy he has been saying these things. I believe when Dordea and Swanson spoke with Massillon police he said this, and I'm also sure when those two spoke to the deputy's union the same things were said.

Erica Simonsen said...

Like I said.. research your site. There are other places to go for this info besides Larry's website. Besides, the Hope Steffey case is an important issue in this election, MR ANONYMOUS. What Larry has posted on his site regards to the Steffey case has been what the news has reported and how it shouldn't have been handled the way it was. Which trust me, TONS of Stark County citizens are not happy about what happened.

Anonymous said...

The Hope Steffey case has no place in this election. The Stark County Sheriff's Office Deputies & Corrections Officer's did nothing wrong in their handling of Hope Steffey, which has been proved through an extensive investigation by the Attorney General's Office. This was nothing more then sensationalist journalism by Channel 3 and I bet most Stark County citizens can now see the truth and feel that it was handled properly. Most voters don't care for smear campaigns and that's exactly the kind of campgain Larry is running. Vote Sheriff Swanson on November 4!

Martin Olson said...

Regarding the Anonymous statement: "I think we should be more concerned that this is only posted here now."

What gall for a Dordea supporter to say this. Of course, all under the cloak of cowardly anonymity.

Obviously, if The Report was as insecure as the anonymous one is, his/her post would never had made it to the comments section.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has asked Dordea repeatedly to sit down and talk with The Report. These requests have referred to all along in this blog.

Dordea steadfastly refused to respond to the requests even though in a comment on the very first blog on the sheriff's race, he complained that The Report did not know him. The Report's requests were an effort to get to know Dordea.

In a person-to-person chat at the Stark County Fair, Dordea reversed himself and agreed to an sit down interview with The Report by the end of September.

Dordea has not delivered on his promise made.

He could have said no to the request. But he didn't.

In my profession, "a man's word is his bond."

The question remains on the interview question, is Dordea a man of his word or not?

Even though September has come and gone, there is still time for Dordea to do the honorable thing - keep his promise.

If Dordea is elected, he's not just any guy who says things he doesn't mean. He will the chief law enforcement person in Stark County.

Even though Dordea has sewed distrust with The Report in not (so far) keeping a promise he did not have to make, did that keep The Report from putting on a video by supporter Mary Parker endorsing him?

Moreover, once The Report did learn of Dordea's ideas from Kelli Young's piece in The Rep on the 19th, The Report recognized the points presented under the scrutiny of The Report's incisive political analysis.

In doing so, The Report demonstrates to readers that personal affronts do not affect The Report's political analysis and its willingness to present differing perspectives on Stark County candidates and issues.

Thank you Mr. Anonymous for providing an occasion for The Report to set the record straight.