Thursday, October 9, 2008


Stark County is the largest part of Ohio's 16th Congressional District.

You would think that its center, Canton, would be the site of at least one face-to-face debate, wouldn't you?

And, it was all but set up in August until the ego of The Rep's publisher (Messer Kampman) got in the way. Defending the honor of editorial page editor Gayle Beck, he scuttled a Canton debate when Boccieri forces objected to Beck because of perceived bias on her part.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) can understand that The Rep "powers that be" wouldn't want to publicly own up to bias. But why not put out a denial in the strongest terms (as a face saving gesture) and step aside to let the debate go on?

Who is this campaign about anyway? The Rep publisher and its editorial page editor? No, it is about the people of the district and Stark County just happens to be (listen up Kampman) the largest part of the district.

That's what we Stark Countians get dished out to us because we live "one-newspaper-town." But a day is coming when The Rep will no longer be the kingmaker. It is actions like these that cause citizens to seek alternatives. In time some entrepreneur will see the opportunity and seize the day.

Monopolists, to be sure, have their day in the sun. But the worm will turn in time and Canton's newspaper monopoly will eventually give way to journalistic leadership that is in touch with the community and not their own egos.

So in today's Repository Stark Countians read Edd Prichard's account of a spirited debate. He recounts how Schuring is for "top-down" resolution of the current financial crisis whereas Boccieri if for a "bottom-up" cure.

Gee, wouldn't it have been nice for Stark Countians have had an opportunity to pose the same question to Boccieri and Schuring as they stood toe-to-toe?

The Report poses this question: Doesn't Publisher Kampman and Editor Beck owe Stark County citizens an apology?

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