Monday, October 27, 2008


Remember this robo-call made in the 16th Ohio Congressional District in July, 2008?

As described by POLITICKER.COM:

"Hi, this is an emergency gas price alert from Freedom's Watch. Did you know Ohio gas taxes add more than 28 cents to every gallon of gas? 28 cents!" an announcer intones on the calls going out to voters in Boccieri ... . The call then asks what Boccieri ... [is] doing to address the issue. "Nothing," announcer says.

"If we can't depend on John Boccieri to stand up for us today, when can we count on her?" asks the call targeting Boccieri.

Then again in August Freedom's Watch ran an ad lambasting Boccieri on his energy policy.

Nothing since.

Projected originally to put some $30 million into congressional campaigns in support of Republicans, the actual number spent by Freedom's Watch is something like $4.1 million one week before the election.

Confirming source: Politico's Wave Watch: On Freedom's Watch by Martin Kady II (10/24/2008)

What is the significance of this "unwelcome" (so says Schuring) participation by Freedom's Watch in the 16th District Congressional campaign. Because Schuring prevailed on them to stop? They ran out of money? Or, the polls in the Schuring/Boccieri campaign made the effort futile?

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