Saturday, October 11, 2008


Readers of The Repository will recall that The Repository editors not only endorsed Janet Creighton for mayor of Canton in her November, 2007 race against William J. Healy, II, but became indistinguishable from being an arm of her campaign.

It is one thing to endorse. It is quite another to cross the line and blur the line between recommending and insisting.

A repeat is being done in the Schuring/Boccieri campaign.

The Rep does pick "editorial darlings." Currently, The Rep editors are enamored of Creighton, Schuring and Oelslager.

One thing the editors do understand. The reading public no longer hangs on newspaper endorsements as they once did. Totally frustrated by this reality, The Rep's editors resort to repeating their endorsements ad nauseum.

Since the repetition technique did not work, the editors trot out a new tactic. What is this new tactic? Be vindictive. That's it.

The tone of The Rep's editorial "City has been here before," is not merely an analysis of Healy's inconsistency (which the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT [The Report] agrees with the The Rep, Healy is guilty of); it has a bite and sarcasm to it that bespeaks vendetta.

The Report cites this editorial as a declaration of war by The Rep editors on the Healy administration which will endure at least through the re-election campaign of 2011.

Yes, the editors have gotten personal with Mayor Healy. And they will beat the "drums of war" as they march on in their quest to rid Canton of the man who defeated their "favorite daughter" Janet Weir Creighton.

Do you agree or disagree with The Report? Are The Rep editors out to get Healy?

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