Thursday, October 23, 2008


The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has learned that Commissioner Todd Bosley will lead the fight in Stark County to stop the American Electric Power (AEP) rate increase currently before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).

Bosley at the last meeting of the county commissioners let it be known that he plans to offer a resolution against the rate increase "at this time." Bosley says that there could not be a more devastating time for AEP to be asking for an increase as it will have a debilitating effect on Stark County located businesses such as Timken and Diebold to compete and still preserve Stark County jobs.

Commissioner Tom Harmon, as he frequently does, wasn't ready to proceed with Bosley's resolution and asked for a delay until October 30th before Bosley actually moves on the resolution.

The Report wonders who Harmon has to check with? A 52% increase request (when 15% per year is compounded over three years) and Harmon has to pause for thought?

It would not surprise The Report that Harmon refuses to support Bosley's move when it comes on the 30th. Harmon is proving to be a real drag on the commissioners' office exercising leadership in the county. In dire economic times like these, Harmon seems to be a guy hard at work digging a deeper hole for the county.

Bosley is hard at work with a Stark County citizen who is featured today in the accompanying video testifying against the requested rate increase at the PUCO hearing held at Glenwood Middle School on October 16th.

Question: Is Commissioner Todd Bosley to be the lone elected official dogging AEP and its huge rate increase request?

See William Daugherty's testimony before the PUCO below.


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Plain will be opposing this rate increase.

October 29th Canton Repository Local Article Plain Township Okay's Winter Purchases.

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