Friday, October 3, 2008


One week ago one of the geniuses on The Rep editorial board came up with a dandy.

"Why don't we have the candidates for county commissioner write an essay on their plans to promote job growth in Stark County?" (not an actual quote but merely the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT'S conjecture)

Seems like a good idea.

But. Whom among the four candidates can write?

Certainly not John Hagan. Perhaps he could have his college student and political activist Christina do the writing for him. As a member of the Ohio House he has had a staffer write for him. Here and there the Republican caucus staff would write a self-serving piece for him for publication in the small town newspapers which dot the 50th district.

Certainly not Pete Ferguson. Though he is a doctor of chiropractry, he has trouble being articulate when speaking; let alone having to put pen to paper.

Certainly not Tom Harmon. Obviously, he's a "spit and polish" guy who would not be up to the rigors that effective writing takes. He'd better ring up former Commissioner Gayle Jackson's son Shane (who probably serves as Johnnie Maier's ghostwriter) for help.

Finally we arrive at the person who might actually have the clarity of mind to couple with articulation skills to perform the assignment. Travis Secrest, that's who. And he might actually write the essays. The writings (e-mail) that The Report has exchanged with Secrest show promise.

The others? Undoubtedly, they will have to have assistance.

So in the case of Ferguson, Hagan and Harmon we definitely will not get an original work. They simply do not have the skills needed to craft asked for essay. But Secrest? Maybe, just maybe.

Aren't The Rep editors just a tad naive about the writing ability of at least three of four of the commissioner candidates.

Will voters really get the words of the candidates themselves?

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