Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Take a look at this part of Republican Todd Snitchler's website in which he defends himself against ridiculous political attacks by his opponent Democrat Celeste DeHoff.

Crocodile tears?

Snitchler himself put out his own flyer which demonstrated some of the most perverse logic (if logic, you can call it?) the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) has ever witnessed (to see the flyer search "Snitchler" on the search engine on this blog).

The Report holds that they are crocodile tears.

Snitchler is giving in measure what he receives. There are no "white hats" in this race. Both candidates as base as politicians get.

Snitchler - according to Republican Party standard campaign operating procedure - attempts to paint DeHoff as a "liberal," "big-government," tax increase loving Democrat.

For her part, DeHoff, reaching into her Democratic playbook and schooling provided by Democrat chairmen Redfern (Ohio) and Maier (Stark County), defines Snitchler - merely because he is a Republican - as being a corporate loving, private enterprise solves all economic ills right wing Republican.

The Report's take on these two candidates is as follows:

DeHoff doesn't have a political philosophy. She will support whatever Governor Ted Strickland tells her to. She will have only one function in Columbus. Go and vote as she's told.

Snitchler does have a political philosophy. He is very clear in his literature, on his website and in public appearances that he is a "free market" (probably is very close to the Libertarian point of view) Republican. He's a true believer who by virtue of his devotion to unfettered private enterprise has no chance to work with Democrats in the Ohio House or with the governor. Snitchler will join up with the more extreme elements of the Ohio Republican Party if he makes it to Columbus.

So that is the choice the voters of the 50th have. A person (DeHoff) who has no political bearings and will do as she's told by Democratic powers that be and a person (Snitchler) who has drank the "kool-aid" and will vote near if not at 100% with the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the Ohio Manufacturer's Association and National Federation of Independent Business.

So pick your poison voters in the Ohio House - 50th District.

Neither of these candidates has the independent judgment that Ohio so sorely needs to take up residence in Columbus?

The question: Which poison will the voters of the 50th pick?

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